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Concrete Floor Sanding

Opt-Out for overwhelming extravagant Look with Our Concrete Floor Sanding

At AMM Stone Polishing, you will get a lucrative permutation and combination of amazing work and quality service especially in the domain of Concrete Floor Sanding. We are the topmost floor polishing and refinishing company in Sydney. For years, we have been delivering residents with concrete floor sanding services that can revamp the functionality and appearance of any room or space.

Our floor sanders can assist you in assessing and procuring the best services that will suit all your flooring needs. With us, you will not only receive top-notch floor refinishing work but also the best floor sanding prices in Sydney. We are the best professionals in Sydney as far as high-end premium expertise in various types of floor maintenance is concerned. With the vast array of floors sold in the market, you are assured of getting the necessary service to keep your floors looking their best in design and outcome.

We offer:

  • Floor Sanding

  • Floor Polishing/ Floor Board Polishing

  • Floor Refinishing

  • Wood Floor Cleaning

  • Timber Floor Polishing

  • Timber Floor Sanding Sydney

  • Timber Floor Staining

  • Jarrah Floor Sanding

  • Bamboo Floor Sanding

  • Vinyl Floor Polishing

  • Floor Staining, buffing, recoating

  • Timber Floor Repair

  • Gap Filling

  • Oiling

From beginning to end, our floor polisher can create your dream floor as a forte in Concrete Floor Sanding, a floor that shines immaculately. Since we use only top name brand floor products, you are ensured floors that will last for years to come. Our floor maintenance team is a group of qualified experts who are ready to get your flooring project a new kickstart. We provide the most affordable prices on floor sanding in Sydney and the eastern suburbs. Our crew is dedicated to giving sustainable floor refinishing solutions and going far beyond your expectations. 

Why Choose AMM Stone Polishing:

AMM Stone Polishing is a Sydney-based company specialising in all types of flooring including concrete, terrazzo, sandstone, marble, tiles, granite, limestone, and travertine along with various types of natural stone. Our professional team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in grinding, repairing, buffing, polishing, and sealing of all major flooring. We are hardcore experts in ensuring concrete floor sanding in all floor finishes appearing brand new owing to our advanced polishing technology restoring the surface having it look like you have had them a completely new makeover.

We have substantial forte, skills, and experience in the floor polishing industry specifically in concrete floor sanding. AMM Stone Polishing caters to all size jobs including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our professionally managed team of highly trained and skilled personnel utilises state-of-the-art machines in its contemporary form. We implement the most effective methods and techniques to ensure precision and high-quality workmanship. Our products are portrayed as the top of the line, ensuring quality every step of the way.

All of AMM Stone Polishing work in concrete floor sanding is covered by Public Liability and Workers Compensation, providing relief for clients and safety mechanisms for workers as well as our clientele. Our work also meets the requirements of the OH&S, WHSE, and WorkCover NSW and all our employees have completed the OH&S White Card course as required by NSW legislation.

We offer a free consultation, assisting you to plan and arrange your project and ensure the best quality stone and procedures for optimal results.

Day after day, many of our clientele are suffering from improper maintenance and care of their floors as far as concrete floor sanding is concerned. As the top floor refinishing company for floor repair in Sydney, we are more than happy to fix any floor damage you have. Our experts repair floors damaged by stains, water, and pets. When you want your floor maintenance service performed correctly the first time in feasible costs then contact AMM Stone Polishing. We are just a mile away from your doorstep. We make things feasible for your floors.