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Limestone Polishing

Welcome to Australia's leading tile care company- AMM Stone Polishing

AMM Stone Polishing is a specialised Limestone Polish expert in the restoration, polishing, sealing and maintenance of limestone and all other natural stone and man-made surfaces. We take innate pride in the high quality and professional services that we cater to our customers in Sydney. We provide exceptional noteworthy service to our valued customers and are committed to their exceeding expectations

If your limestone surfaces have faded from scratches, dirt, or exposure to the elements, tile cleaners – AMM Stone Polishing restore limestone floors, walls, counter-tops, vanities, and shower areas. Our passion for our pursuits is backed by a strong commitment to educating our customers on proper maintenance which is evident with our every job and project completion.

Limestone Polish can provide you with an exquisite look that is applicable in several different situations. It has been used as flooring for centuries, providing a very rustic and old-world look. Limestone is a great choice in warmer climates due to its tendency to remain quite cool. However, limestone is quite a delicate variety of stone that is porous and quite susceptible to scratches, stains, and fracturing, meaning limestone can damage easily when handled incorrectly or without proper maintenance.

What difference is implied with Polished Limestone of AMM Stone Polishing?

If you have a limestone floor, wall, countertop vanity, or shower that has become etched and has lost its shimmer, shine, and beauty, then it requires repairs and maintenance. So, it is the perfect time to call the limestone restoration professionals at AMM Stone Polishing. We also perform the pivotal role of tile cleaning. We are competent enough to repair, refinish, protect, and restore your limestone or any other natural stone to its original durable condition.

How do we shimmer your flooring with Matte/Honed Finish Limestone?

If you already possess limestone polish with a matte/honed finish, it too needs additional proper care and maintenance. Limestone with a matte/honed finish must be periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional like AMM Stone Polishing. You can do this by hiring the finest tile cleaners in Sydney - AMM Stone Polishing. 

We perform these comprehensive services at your doorstep. We also instruct you with all the necessary care and maintenance tips essential for your limestone. We also offer a full line of care products, ensuring you are using the best product to maintain your limestone surfaces beauty.

How can we cater to your help?

Most of the scratches and light stains can be completely removed by our professionals through our limestone polishing. As years pass by, many fine limestone floors will become scratched. Our expert team uses the most modern equipment, tools, and techniques to restore years of wear and tear. Our enchanting expertise mechanism also brings even the most tired and scratched limestone surfaces back to life with the help of impeccable limestone polish.

With our expert forte in limestone polish processes, as well as modern equipment you can have your limestone floors restored today at very affordable prices. Allow our experts to fix every damage and deteriorated flooring at your place.

We offer our limestone polishing service to corporate as well as private clients. Our experience and superb quality of work have fetched us substantial recognition within both domestic and commercial markets. We possess a commendable specialisation in various aspects of limestone flooring maintenance such as cleaning and polishing, limestone restoration, limestone honing, limestone sealing, and much more.

Procure our regular limestone polish and care:

Limestone, being a fairly soft and porous stone can easily become scratched and stained in areas of high foot traffic and frequent use. A regular maintenance program with due limestone polish is vital if limestone is to retain its original beauty. Our Special liquid repelling sealing molecules remain fully breathable to allow water to evaporate out from within the stone. Special care is required intensely when cleaning limestone. Limestone should be sealed with a high-quality penetrating impregnating sealer. 

Our sealers are based on the latest nano-technology endeavour and cure deep inside the pores of the limestone leaving an invisible protective barrier that helps in maintenance as well. Unsealed or weakly sealed limestone will soak up oils, spills, and stains. To check whether your limestone is sealed, leave a few drops of water on the surface. If after a few minutes the water has soaked into the limestone, then it's time to reseal the stone and procure our professional services at your doorstep.

To schedule your free booking consultation or appointment with our professional experts for limestone polish services, please contact our staff executives. Our crew members are at your convenient assistance and help you to obtain a free estimate for your flooring repair and replacement. We welcome your inquiries with the utmost delight and committed delivery just at your doorstep.