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AMM Stone Polishing is an experienced & reputable company specialising in concrete grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing of all concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, insitu (terrazzo pre-cast), limestone and sandstone. With over 18yrs experience we proudly offer free professional advice & quality, affordable service for all Concrete Flooring & Stone Polishing solutions in Sydney, Canberra & NSW Region.

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Travertine Floor Restoration and Polishing

At AMM Stone Polishing, we restore and revive your travertine floors to their formerly vibrant and stylish appearance. We specialise in unveiling the timeless beauty of travertine, a captivating natural stone that adds elegance and warmth to any space

Our Travertine Floor Polishing Includes:

  • All types of Travertine Floor Polishing
  • Polished Travertine Floors
  • Travertine Floor Grinding
  • Travertine Floor Buffing
  • Travertine Restoration
  • Travertine Floor Sealing
  • Travertine Grout & Crack Sealing or repairs
  • Travertine Floor Cleaning

Meet the Pioneers in Travertine Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration AMM Stone Polishing

AMM Stone Polishing is Australia’s leading premium travertine floor restoration care company. We provide the highest quality travertine polish service for all your travertine cleaning, honing, and stone stripping and sealing requirements. Our highly experienced technicians and staff members combine years of stone care know-how to provide one of the country's highest quality services while utilising state of art technology with a preference for only the highest quality non-toxic water-based products.

What are the maintenance needs of Travertine?

Travertine is one of the strongest, most durable natural materials on the travertine floor restoration and travertine polish market. Travertine looks incredibly aesthetic whether indoors or outdoors. AMM Stone Polishing can repair, renew, regrout, hone, restore, grind, strip, clean, seal, and polish your travertine surfaces. 

Travertine floor restoration requires very stylish material inputs that are functional and aesthetically attractive while bringing a very appealing, old-world character to any home or business. Travertine pavers are especially attractive around swimming pools and surround with no tiles looking the same. Travertine floor restoration guarantees a beautiful looking area that will last a lifetime.

  • Travertine is formed in mineral springs, especially around hot springs, underground rivers, and in limestone caves. 
  • Travertine is different from limestone and marble, which are metamorphic rocks, with the main characteristic of travertine being the holes within the stone created by carbon dioxide evasion. 
  • Travertine polishing has been used since Roman times on buildings such as the colosseum and is available in a diverse range of styles.

Travertine is a smooth and extraordinarily strong material with a porous surface. These pores are formed by gases escaping as the material is formed. Travertine is created through a process known as rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate and in limestone caves, it can form stalactites or stalagmites. Travertine polishing will often appear fibrous or concentric and can come in a white, tan, or cream-like colour. At the time travertine polishing is removed from the quarry it is incredibly attractive, smooth, and a strong stone.

How can we help you?

If you have never had your travertine floor restoration and its surfaces professionally cleaned before and they are beginning to appear worn or discoloured, or perhaps your old sealer is wearing off and you want your tiles cleaned and protected. AMM Stone Polishing will be able to make a noticeable difference, leaving you more than satisfied with the final result as your travertine polishing will regain its fresh natural character. You can rest assured your surfaces will continue looking great for many years to come with our long-term protection, leaving the travertine easier to maintain.

AMM Stone Polishing is your ultimate travertine floor restoration provider, tile and grout cleaning, honing, resurfacing, stripping, and sealing specialist. If you would like advice on the best procedure necessary to make your surface stone again appear new, you have come to the right place. If you need any cleaning, sealing, or resurfacing then don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists, to arrange our experienced technicians to bring back the character of your stone.

Porous Travertine stone is sealable. Depending upon the quality of sealant used and the technique used for its application, the sealant can begin to appear worn or blemished through frequent use and age and require resealing to restore the character and beauty of the material. Depending upon the sealer originally used, stripping and sealing may be required every 2 to 15 years. AMM Stone Polishing uses immensely potent products which will last for up to 15 years. We offer customised travertine floor restoration and apt travertine polishing across Australia.

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