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AMM Stone Polishing is an experienced & reputable company specialising in concrete grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing of all concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, insitu (terrazzo pre-cast), limestone and sandstone. With over 18yrs experience we proudly offer free professional advice & quality, affordable service for all Concrete Flooring & Stone Polishing solutions in Sydney, Canberra & NSW Region.

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Concrete Densifier

Concrete Densifier In Sydney

Resist Water Penetration Without Blocking the Capillaries by Using Ammstone Polishing High-end Premium Quality Penetrative Sealers and Concrete Densifiers

Ammstone Polishing exhibits and serves you with the absolute, best, and high-end premium quality concrete densifier and sealers. Their water-repellent properties assist you with getting extraordinary resistance from chemicals and fluids and so forth. The concrete densifier and sealers are generally utilized particularly in garages and other commercial areas where there are more footfalls. They not only just add a particular polish and gleam to a surface but also additionally shield it from corrosion and abrasion. The concrete densifier hardens the delicate surface of the concrete and expands its endurance. The quantity of the densifier relies on the cement to water ratio of the concrete.

The concrete densifier is only a water-based chemical solution that reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate (CSH). The concrete gets its strength from Calcium Silicate Hydrate as it fills the open pores of the concrete and binds consistently with the concrete. Our wide array of optimum grade concrete densifier makes certain to fill all the capillaries of the concrete while holding its natural look.

Concrete Sealers are probably the most ideal approaches to increase the life span of the concrete. A concrete sealer is only a protective layer that prevents moisture and growth of mould. The concrete sealers are apt for indoor just as outdoors. The concrete sealer is the chemical barriers intending to give extreme protection to the concrete. The concrete sealers assist one with keeping up the aesthetic appearance of the concrete flawless despite standard wear and tear. Ammstone Polishing is one of the main suppliers of Concrete densifier and sealers across Australia. We are focused on giving advanced and durable concrete densifier and sealers to keep your concrete safe from cracking, staining, scaling and considerably more.

Major Leverages of Concrete Densifiers:

  • Protection against oil, grease, and chemicals
  • Allows substrate to breathe
  • Fast drying
  • Water repellent
  • Easy to clean
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Microbial growth retarding
  • No change in substrate colour
  • No change in Wet traction readings
  • UV resistant

 Concrete Densifier for Polishing

 Ammstone Polishing Concrete Densifier is a penetrating sealer, surface strengthener and densifier containing active lithium silicates.

 A convincing reason to utilise lithium densifiers rather than sodium is that the application is a lot simpler and continues at a rapid pace. It's commonly sprayed lightly on a slab compared with regards to saturating a floor surface with other different silicates leaving no residue to clean up. The higher reactivity of lithium compared with regards to sodium additionally implies you don't need to scrub it into concrete to encourage the reaction.

Ammstone Polishing Concrete Densifier penetrates the concrete surface and blocks the pores or capillaries by depositing calcium silicate hydrate. This calcium silicate hydrate binds and hardens the concrete surface bringing about hard dense, dust-free and traffic resistant surface finish. Smooth or gloss finishes can be easily accomplished by surface polishing. Because of the high activity of lithium silicates, Ammstone Polishing Concrete Densifier quickens the concrete polishing process, in this way saving time and expenses. Unlike sodium silicates, lithium silicates don't leave white efflorescent residues on the treated surface.

Average peculiar applications incorporate treating polished concrete floors in residential housing constructions, retail establishments, shopping centre foyers and manufacturing warehouses and car parks.

Concrete Densifier is likewise apt for general dust-proof sealing of concrete floors. Ammstone Polishing Densifier may likewise be utilized to fortify other masonry substrates including natural stones, clay bricks or similar applications. Be that as it may, a test ought to be executed before application to decide the suitability of this product for the sole purpose behind it.

 Key Leverages of Ammstone Polishing Concrete Densifiers:

  • Lithium silicates permit fast application with none to exceptionally low risk of white residue.
  • Accelerates the concrete polishing process hence saving time and expenses.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior.
  • Maintains appearance and slip resistance of the original concrete finish.
  • Reduces water absorption and resists water-borne staining.
  • Improves cleanability.
  • Water-based formulation, environmentally and user friendly, easy cleanup.
  • Low consistency and ready-to-use formula enable the easy app.

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