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AMM Stone Polishing is an experienced & reputable company specialising in concrete grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing of all concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, insitu (terrazzo pre-cast), limestone and sandstone. With over 18yrs experience we proudly offer free professional advice & quality, affordable service for all Concrete Flooring & Stone Polishing solutions in Sydney, Canberra & NSW Region.

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Terrazzo Grinding

Terrazzo Grinding in Sydney

Bravo your interiors with Terrazzo Grinding processes 

AMM Stone Polishing uses terrazzo grinding and polishing methods and techniques for repairing and restoring Terrazzo benchtops, walls, or floors. We deploy our high-end premium quality cleaning methods, tools, techniques, products, and services. We ensure that with our terrazzo grinding, your terrazzo surfaces being of any size and shape remain appealing and looking amazing at their best. The outcome is a net reduction in maintenance costs over a long time.

Our innate belief is that an informed customer always happens to become a happy customer. That's the crucial reason why we keep our pages describing our services very elaborate and informative. We provide an extensive array of services rather than quite simple listings on our website. Intending to choose the best option and avenue for yourself, you must know what terrazzo grinding is before making any commitments.

Benefits of terrazzo grinding

A terrazzo surface comprises two distinct components or layers which requires terrazzo grinding. The first component in the terrazzo is called the “binder” and gives the actual volume to a terrazzo surface. The binder is usually a resin of some sort, either polyester, epoxy, or cement resin. This first component gives the terrazzo floor its durability after terrazzo grinding and helps it remain the same shape and size over time, as it remains exposed to impact and other abrasive factors.

The second component, which gives flourish to a Terrazzo surface, is called “aggregate”, and comprises various particles, ranging in size from 1mm to 20 mm. These particles have the function of decorative fillers in a Terrazzo floor and then enhance its looks after terrazzo grinding is done. Terrazzo as a stone component and element substance serves as an anchor point onto which resin, the first component, latches to form a consistent mass which can resist decay much better.

One way to create terrazzo is by terrazzo grinding which happens after purchasing a premade set of tiles, which will then be installed by a professional tiler by hand. The next step is then to grind the surface to remove the lippage and finally, the floor is polished and sealed with a decorative finish. Combined, these methods ensure a long-lasting and beautiful Terrazzo floor, benchtop, or wall.

Our Excellent Approach

AMM Stone Polishing caters to a systematised polishing process specially designed for terrazzo surfaces after terrazzo grinding. These surfaces give terrazzo a glass-like appearance which will add longevity and restore the original dynamic look of the terrazzo floor. This is the very same process used to treat granite and marble floorings. Polishing smoothens the top layer of the surface, thereby removing the pores in which the dirt and other substances accumulate, making cleaning much easier, affordable, and more effective and efficient in every possible manner owing to commendable terrazzo grinding processes.

When AMM Stone Polishing performs polishing maintenance on a terrazzo surface or terrazzo grinding, it becomes much easier to maintain it and repair it for a longer duration of time. We also deliver ongoing maintenance at a reduced optimised rate for repeat loyal customers. This maintenance comes with a warranty that ensures your terrazzo surface will be truly everlasting with our enchanting terrazzo grinding services.

Terrazzo grinding and polishing processes employed by us is a truly natural process that uses only non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. The benefits of this process are numerous, but among the most notable ones are that the surface attains a glossy or matte look, without the need for repeated treatments. This process also eliminates the need to remove wax finishes which may present on the floor already, also contributing to the overall cost reduction.

Currently, AMM Stone Polishing provides terrazzo grinding services in Sydney. If you have any questions about terrazzo grinding, Polishing, or any other method, tool, or product we use, feel free to contact us and we will be just a doorstep away to answer all your queries and quotes.

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