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Terrazzo Restoration in Sydney

Has your terrazzo lost its polish, lustre, and shine? Is it looking old and tarnished? Or maybe it has cracks and needs restoration. Do your floors need terrazzo polishing and terrazzo restoration in Sydney? Then opt-out of AMM Stone Polishing services today! 

Get your terrazzo looking back to the beautiful and original look it deserves with the best terrazzo restoration and polishing in Sydney.

Our basket of Services: 

AMM Stone Polishing has established recognition for its high-end premium quality and customer satisfaction. We deliver maximum value for your money by taking the time and making you hassle away with terrazzo restoration. Whether it is your home, office, or commercial property, we leave your terrazzo restoration with surfaces looking brand new.

  • Terrazzo Polishing & Restoration
  • Honed Polishing
  • Terrazzo Tile Clean and Polish
  • Custom Polishing

Our prudent and experienced expert team having years of professional expertise use only the highest quality products and machinery. We do not compromise with the quality is beyond compare and only first-class premium products are adopted for use. Our terrazzo restoration and polishing outcomes match the highest grade and standards in the world in the stone restoration industry.

Why is Terrazzo Restoration Important?

To a considerable extent, terrazzo restoration can be extended to near perfect condition as long as the chosen restorer knows the intricacies of the ins and outs of what has to be prepared and done to the old terrazzo flooring. In many instances too, terrazzo floors that can be restored are usually turned down by companies because these companies lack the needed experience and knowledge to find and fix the problems. At the same time, some of the terrazzo restorations of floor projects that are taken on by companies get in over their heads or they do not fully understand the problems they are faced with when they are restoring the old terrazzo. 

The years of experience and expert craftsmanship and dedication of the tradesmen are truthfully a must in restoring terrazzo to its near-perfect original condition like the day it was turned over to the owner. Nowadays almost everyone has started acknowledging that terrazzo is one of the greenest and easiest floors to maintain and has been known for its durability and longevity. On the contrary, there is no tile, carpet, or vinyl system available today in the market that can claim as similar to terrazzo.

Old terrazzo tiles were mostly made from Portland cement as a sealer with marble chips as aggregates. These worn-out floors may have been stained, have hundreds of chip holes from the old carpet tack strip, or still be covered with tiles and yet these terrazzo floors can still appear better today than when they looked sixty years ago. 

Today, in the terrazzo restoration process, those chip holes can easily be filled, old stains that have been in the floors for years can be removed and tear out almost any covering to get to the floor. What is left behind after the terrazzo floor is fully restored is a beautiful, continuous, long-lasting shine as well as shimmer. There are many ways to restore terrazzo. And none of them understandably include shortcuts, without sacrificing something. If a terrazzo floor could be restored in three steps one could save a lot of money. You should always remember that price and value are not the same. Some restorers start to as low as forty grit diamonds and go up to as high as three thousand grit diamonds to get the shine.

Why Hire Us?

So, can terrazzo be restored? Of course, it can be restored just like a new one! As long as one goes to the right company that knows and loves what it is doing. Let's join your hands with AMM Stone Polishing to commence your terrazzo restoration proceedings. And end it in a classy manner of your own choice and imagination with the brainy blend of AMM Stone Polishing professionals.